PCB Design

More than 10 years of professional design experience, with over 1000 household registration and reputation accumulation.

PCB Board Making

Positioning mid to high end, 2-64 layer sample, mass production of HDI, soft and hard combination boards, etc

SMT Patch

SMT express factory, 7 SMT production lines SPI, AOI, X-Ray testing


DetailAbout Us

Guangzhou Mankun Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to providing cost-effective PCB product services: providing PCB design, PCB making, PCB sampling, SMT mounting, and component services. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of technology as the guide, pursuing excellent quality and customer satisfaction, and continuously providing high-quality services for innovation in China's information electronics industry.
  • PCB Design

    1Engineering review and material development: optimized design/A-level military materials

  • Circuit board production

    2Drilling process: New imported high-speed drilling rig, ensuring both efficiency and quality

  • PCB outsourcing

    3Copper sinking and electroplating: fully automatic copper sinking, thickened hole copper, ensuring excellent performance

  • PCB proxy painting

    4Graphic etching: High standard control, precise etching, precise circuit shaping

  • PCB sampling

    5AOI optical testing: well-known imported equipment, quality testing, ensuring pass rate

  • Circuit Board Design

    6Solder resistance and characters: Solder resistance exposure and fully automatic screen printing machine, ensuring clarity and three-dimensional feeling

  • Online PCB design

    7Surface treatment: Gold sinking/tin spraying/gold plating/OSP smooth and smooth for welding

  • PCB circuit board design

    8Forming and testing shipment: high-precision CNC, ensuring appearance tolerance and aesthetics

  • Circuit board production process

    9Through 100% flying needle testing (dual testing) to ensure that every board of the customer is of hard quality

Design Showcase

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