High Efficiency 16X1 LEDS Module Custom Made Standard 223x49.5mm PCB board

High Efficiency 16X1 LEDS Module Custom Made Standard 223x49.5mm PCB board

Product Introduction

Product description 

  • High efficiency outdoor modules

  • Colour temperatures 3,000 K, 4,000 K, 5,000 K, 5,700 K and 6,500 K

  • Useful luminous flux 4,550 lm at Irated and tp = 25 °C

  • Efficacy of the LED module 160 lm/W at Irated and tp = 25 °C

  • Two colour rendering index to fit the application: CRI > 70 high efficency, CRI > 80 for high colour rendering

  • Suitable for harsh and humid outdoor conditions

  • Huge performance temperature range from -40 ... +105 °C

  • Surge tested (+/- to earth) 6 kV with MW LED driver

  • Integrated NTC for overtemperature protection

  • Zhaga Book 15 compliant

  • For use with standard 2x2 lenses (e.g. LEDiL Strada 2x2)

  • Push-in terminals for simple and quick wiring

  • Module dimension 49.5 x 223 mm

  • Installation of the module together with lens in the luminaire by means of an M3 screw

  • Long lifetime up to 80,000 hours

Technical data
Beam characteristic120°
Ambient temperature range-40 ... +80 °C
tp rated75 °C
tc105 °C
Irated650 mA
Imax1,200 mA
Max. permissible LF current ripple1,320 mA
Max. permissible peak current2,000 mA / max. 10 ms
Max. working voltage for insulation 370 V
Max. working voltage for insulation with lens670 V
Insulation test voltage1.74 kV
CTI of the printed circuit board> 600
ESD classificationSeverity level 4
Risk group (IEC 62471) RG2 (Ethr = 684 lx, RG1 at d ≥ 48 cm)
Classification acc. to IEC 62031Built-in
Type of protectionIP00
Lumen maintenance L70B5080,000 h
Guarantee3+5 Year(s)

Specific technical data 

Typ. luminous flux at tp = 25 °CTyp. luminous flux at tp = 65 °CTyp. Colour temperature (CCT)Colour rendering index CRIMin. forward voltage at tp = 65 °CMax. forward voltage at tp = 25 °CTyp. forward currentTyp. power consumption at tp = 65 °CEfficacy of the module at tp = 25 °CEfficacy of the module at tp = 65 °C
2,144 lm2,024 lm827/579> 8021.5 V24.0 V650 mA14.97 W143 lm/W139 lm/W
2,354 lm2,224 lm830/579> 8021.5 V24.0 V650 mA14.97 W157 lm/W153 lm/W
2,435 lm2,295 lm840/579> 8021.5 V24.0 V650 mA14.97 W163 lm/W158 lm/W
2,460 lm2,320 lm850/579> 8021.5 V24.0 V650 mA14.97 W164 lm/W159 lm/W
1,802 lm1,742 lm722/579> 7021.2 V23.9 V550 mA12.60 W143 lm/W142 lm/W
2,124 lm2,054 lm730/579> 7021.2 V23.9 V550 mA12.57 W169 lm/W167 lm/W
2,270 lm2,190 lm740/579> 7021.2 V23.9 V550 mA12.57 W181 lm/W180 lm/W
2,270 lm2,190 lm765/579> 7021.2 V23.9 V550 mA12.60 W181 lm/W179 lm/W