MANKUN is not only a leading PCB fabrication manufacturer, but also a one-stop shop for all your printed circuit board assembly requirements, we provide PCB design and layout, PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services (also known as printed circuit assembly, circuit board assembly, printed circuit board assembly, printed circuit board assembly and SMD assembly one-stop shop.

MANKUN PCB Assembly Department has a workshop of 1800 square meters and 150 employees, including 4 SMT production lines.

Production Line

MANKUN has complete technical knowledge and PCB manufacturing experience in PCB fabrication (also known as printed circuit board fabrication or printed circuit board fabrication). From single-layer boards to 32-layer boards, from flexible printed circuit boards to rigid-flex PCBs, MANKUN can provide complete PCB solutions.

With our Guangzhou PCB prototyping factory and Jiangmen PCB mass production factory, we can support your project from custom prototype PCB manufacturing(Prototype PCB manufacturing) to mass PCB manufacturing.

Our PCB manufacturing (manufacturing PCB) products include:

  • Rigid PCB manufacturing,

  • Flexible PCB manufacturing,

  • Rigid-flex combined PCB manufacturing,

  • Mcpcb manufacturing (metal core PCB manufacturing).

Our standard PCB manufacturing process is all in-house manufacturing, no outsourcing process, so we can guarantee our regular PCB manufacturing order on-time delivery rate of> 90%, speed up PCB manufacturing order on-time delivery date > 99%, because of this, we can provide you with highly competitive PCB manufacturing prices and reliable quality.